The ONE Thing That Changed Everything for Me

It helped me feel better (and younger!) than I had in YEARS and helped fill in the gaps on those days I didn't take care of myself.

A cool side effect is that my hair and nails are the longest and strongest they've ever been.

One thing is for sure, I will never be without it! 

So...what is it? It's a called Sulfurzyme and it's chock full of ingredients to help support both your joints and immune system. Let's take a closer look at why I believe this is a MUST HAVE in the home of anyone with chronic pain.

Wolfberry - containing 21 trace minerals (included what is needed to properly absorb natural sulfur (MSM), 18 amino acids and other vitamins, it is a significant source of coenzymes, and the highest level of naturally occurring s-ORAC antioxidant activity, wolfberries are known for their ability to fight free radicals in the body.

MSM (Sulfur) - supports the body's natural detox process, preserves the molecular structure of connective tissue, supports a balanced immune system, and so much more. You'll definitely want to do some research into this! 

FOS (fructooligosaccharides) - a type of carbohydrate (the good kind!), it is both a prebiotic and a powerful protector against certain pathogens. NOTE: Use caution with this if you have IBS as it can be irritating. I've used it for at least a year now without seeing any negative effects but wanted to caution you all the same. 

I combine this powder with Ningxia Red and Lime Vitality to accelerate the effects throughout my body. This recipe is called "Red Drink" and was popularized by Dr. Robert Minke. You can learn more about that here. Some of you may have allergies to Sulfa drugs and may be concerned that you'll have the same reaction to Sulfurzyme. I promise you, this is not the case. I found this page that better explains the difference. 

This is a VERY popular product, so if you see that it's out of stock, feel free to grab the capsules. Some great partner products are Master Formula for total body wellness and Agilease and BLM for joint support.

Interested in grabbing your own? Send me an email so we can discuss if this is right for you! 



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