Logging Off for Lent - Day 35
What comes to your mind when I say the words "money," "abundance," or "riches"?  Did you just wince or eyeroll? Or maybe you threw up your hands and shrugged your shoulders because you're not sure what it all means?

I've often been confused about the role of being a wealthy believer. 
     Are we supposed to have lots of money? 
     Are we supposed to live in poverty and use what is provided to help others?

What does the Word say about it? The short answer is, it's complicated. Money in the right hands can do a lot of good things. It's when money becomes the thing that saves us (or that we believe we need more of to be comfortablethat it becomes a problem. 

As a business owner, I've listened to countless business coaches tell me that it isn't evil to want abundance, a bigger house (or 2), nice clothes, or a nice car. That's partially true, but the problem becomes when that's the main thing we work for and forget that we need to lay down our efforts for them at the feet of Jesus. Clear as mud? Let me explain.

One of the notes I wrote in my bible today was about the rich man mentioned in Mark 10: 17-18, "He didn't want Jesus to be his savior, he wanted Jesus to show him the way to be his own savior." How often have we felt the same?

This man didn't realize that his actual value was in Christ, not in his efforts to gain riches. This man knew the commandments, and if you notice, Jesus only quotes the commandments that teach us how to treat each other. 

When the man responded that he'd kept these commands since he was little, he thought himself blameless in the eyes of the Law. He should've responded that he needed a savior, not relying on his efforts to do/be good. It was at this moment that Jesus had compassion for him because his life (and pursuits) was empty." 

He had climbed to the top of the wrong ladder. He traded the riches and comfort for this world so completely that he lost sight of his need for a Savior. 

Let me tell you, when I realized that I am in the same place as this man; it took my breath away. I'm an entrepreneur, and I am solely responsible for whether my business fails or succeeds. It helped me see that if I'm not submitting my workday to Him, my heart will end up as hard as his.

Having beautiful things isn't bad. It's where your heart places them that can be the problem. My prayer is that I keep Jesus first and allow nothing to come between us. 

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