My Biggest Struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and How I Overcame It
I remember that day so well. I sat on the couch and I was so tired of being sick, tired, and in pain.  

Sick of watching everyone do what they wanted to when they wanted to.
Tired of telling my husband or friends that I didn't feel well enough to go out.
Pain wracked what seemed like every muscle and joint in my body.

Then it happened, I found something that helped me do more of what I wanted, say yes to more, and live with less pain.  What was this magical, miracle cure?

It wasn't a cure and it wasn't just one thing.

It was beginning to heal from other wounds, hurts, and past trauma. 

It was recognizing that it was okay to cry, get angry, and go back on medication. That I wasn't a failure because I wasn't fully healed. That it was okay if the Lord chose not to heal me.  Acceptance of all these things and more were the first steps to a thriving life.

It meant feeling good in the skin I was in and not conforming to others' opinions of who I am, how I should look, what I should do in my life.

It was getting back into the Word and seeing myself the way the Lord, my Creator, sees me. 

It was figuring out boundaries for those around me who didn't have my best interests at heart and enforcing them. 

It was forgiving those who hurt me and releasing them (and the pain) to the Lord. In some cases, that meant restoration, and in some cases, it meant putting some distance in between us.

I wish I could each of us a magic pill that instantly gives you a thriving life, but then I realize that it's more harmful to do so.  To find your own unique healing journey, while sometimes frustrating, is 100% necessary in order for you to continue when it gets hard.

I'm always here to help you find that path. All you need to do is reach out. I've been where you are and I know that you were meant to THRIVE and LIFE and FLOURISH. 


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